Restaurant Scene: Saveeda’s American Bistro in Wesley Chapel, NC

Last Friday night, my wife and I decided to go out to dinner around 5:30 PM and there was already a 35 minute wait at Waxhaw’s most popular casual restaurant, Maxwell’s. Sorry, but we were “hangry“, and waiting for half an hour outside in 90 degrees of high humidity just wasn’t in the cards for us. So,… More Restaurant Scene: Saveeda’s American Bistro in Wesley Chapel, NC


In light of the recent mass shooting in Orlando, the 64 people shot throughout Chicago on July 4th weekend, the separate and unrelated killing of two young, black men by white police officers (this is getting redundant) in Baton Rouge and St. Paul this week, and the sniper shooting in Dallas which left four police officers… More Imagine

Charlotte News

Want to keep up with the latest Charlotte news, stories and trends?  Try out these daily and weekly trades to stay current on what matters in Charlotte. The Charlotte Observer — CharlotteR… Source: Charlotte News

Meet Jimmy

Hi there, how’s it going?  Thanks for visiting my “real estate” blog that’s not just about real estate.  Or something like that.  My name is Jimmy Grappone, and I’m th… Source: Meet Jimmy